Friday, February 19, 2010

Complete Manpower Solutions, Dubai, Job Fraud

Hi Friends

               Complete Manpower Solution, Dubai is a job fraud. For providing you job they take hefty amount of money. Atlast they provide a job with a visit visa which lasts for 1 or 2 months. I had joined a company named ZMD Construction and Engineering co. Ltd, Afghanistan. If you want to know about the whole story please read below. Because not only me the other two people who joined with me had the same fate.

.              The owner of the above company is a Turkish. His name is Tankut Dasdemir. Some years ago he had set up this company in Kabul. But he is such a lazy and incapable person and due to these inherent qualities his company faced crisis some years ago. In this time of crisis, two Afghani people helped him financially and became two partners of the company and one of them is now the biggest shareholder of the company. This is not a big company. This company has not even a website. Only when they get a new contract they require manpower. This company has hired Complete Manpower Solution(CMS), a consultancy in Dubai as recruiter for them. I am a Mechanical Engineer. There was an advertisement for requirement of Engineers in Gulf News, the biggest circulated newspaper in Dubai and I had applied in it. I got a call from the head of the CMS, Mr Masiuddin Masi in a morning in 8th july that the head of the company wants to take my telephonic interview. I was selected and after 10 days wait I got the offer of US $ 3500, along with fooding, boarding and transport, Mr Masi called and told me. They also send me the appointment letter after 10 days. After that they again delayed for 10 days to consult me for visa. Like that they delayed and I waited as the offer was very good.

                  So it took 5 months to join the job with a visit visa. In between I got three good offers and rejected because ZMD offer was better than them. So after I joined the job in Kabul, Mr Tankut was still in Dubai so the officials told I have to wait to sign the contract till he comes to Kabul. So I had no option but to join the job. I worked with a hope that I will get the salary in the end of the month. Mr Tankut reached after 1 month. But still my contract was not ready and after about 15 days contract became ready and the figure was US $ 2000. So I objected and did not sign the contract. Mr Naser khan, who is the representative of the two Afghani share holders in the company, told me we can not give you more than US$ 2000. If you accept can sign the contract. But I declined. I told I have to contact Mr Tankut. I contacted 2 days continuously and other official Shams contacted the next day. But he said I am coming, but he did not come.

                  Shams told me all the mistakes are done by Masiuddin Masi. He has told you the wrong figure and they have not the right to send you the appointment letter with our letter head and he has also send you with visit visa. Mr Shams, the coordinator is the biggest idiot who acts as a mediator beween company and employees. The next day also Tankut did not come. So to retain my job, I thought I should reduce my salary to an acceptable range so that I can continue in this job for atleast 1 year. So I reduced my demand to US $ 2500. My contract signed. But as the visa was a visit visa they told I have to go to New Delhi to get a single entry visa as visit visa is not extendable and I will go back to Kabul again. The day arrived I had to leave for New Delhi. In the morning we contacted Shams, the coordinator but he did not respond as I had to get the formalities to be completed such as letter from the co. for sponsorship. So I understood the matter. I went to New Delhi and from Delhi my home is 2500 km away. So I had to spend for another flight to my home city. I neither get the leave salary nor got the ticket upto home city. They were not interested to pay these dues that is why they told me I will go Kabul back. So they knowingly delayed our appointment saying it a visa problem and as they did not get the next project they sacked all the five employees.